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Project Administrator
Olivia is responsible for project administration, which includes preparing contracts, change orders, invoice validation, processing contractor billings, and tracking overall costs for several of Contour's major projects. She also handles various internal accounting roles and helps with general book keeping.   

Olivia is known for her high attention to detail and strives to combine her extensive customer service experience to benefit clients and contractors alike. 

After working in primarily administrative roles in the years prior to joining Contour, Olivia is eager to learn and enjoys the challenge involved with transitioning into the world of construction. As an independent Fine Artist, her quick attention to detail is easily translated into spreadsheets and indentifying discrepancies and errors alike.

In her personal time, Olivia enjoys painting and working the right side of her brain through a wide-variety of art projects. 


Fun Fact?

As a nature lover, Olivia has a vast collection of house plants and gardening experience. Her current count is 68 house plants and growing (no pun intended). Her favorite plant in the collection is the carnivorous Sarracenia; aka trumpet pitcher plant. 

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