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Landscape Project Manager
Shawn brings more than 25 years of landscape development experience in both the public and private sectors to Contour. While his role is multifaceted, he focuses much of his time on the finishing touches of landscaping and native area restoration. Shawn loves working with people equally passionate as him about building sustainable landscapes, trails, parks and open spaces that make an impression on people’s lives. 


Before Contour, he was the regional manager for one of the largest erosion control and landscape contractors on the eastern slope. Past notable projects include the development and implementation of Cobble Stone Ranch entry right of way in Parker, CO; a multi-million dollar vehicle bridge over the Upper Cherry Creek; and then the Annual Capital Improvement Projects and his work for South Suburban Parks and Recreation District. Shawn was also involved in creating solutions in the South Platte River to take river recreation to the next level for surfers, kayakers and river runners; and was involved with creating the State Qualifying BMX bike track in Douglas County. 


Shawn previously served as Chair of the Noxious Weed Advisory Committee for the State Department of Agriculture and as Chair and Committee Member of the State Pesticide Applicators Advisory Committee. Outside of work, Shawn enjoys time with his family, hiking, hunting and fishing, mountain biking, on the slopes and sledding with the kids.


Fun Fact?

Shawn minored in Forensic Science, which he says helps him “work out the minutia” and “examine the details” to tackle almost any challenge. He is a self-professed “flora and fauna geek,” was once a park ranger in Colorado and Oregon, and is trained in Verbal Judo (so don’t mess with him).

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