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Arras Park

Arras Park is an artfully connected community located at 104th Ave and Steele Street in Thornton, CO.  The project is inclusive of 292 residential single-family and townhome products to be built in three phases.


In early 2017, Contour Services became integrated into McStain Neighborhood’s Arras Park project team to perform preconstruction services. By integrating Contour into the team during the early entitlements, the Arras Park project team ensured the project was budgeted and scheduled properly. Contour Services has also been retained as the construction manager. The project is contracted and well underway with underground utilities and upgrades to Steele Street.


The project includes many landscaping improvements that will enhance the beauty of the project. Some improvements include an amphitheater, community gardens, playgrounds, and many trails woven throughout the community.

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